PCs ans PFs in a library

Hello all,
I would like to define PCs and PFs in a library to reuse them in several models.
After a PC is created in the library, how do I instantiate one in my model ? Drag and drop doesn’t work, and if I use the palette tool to add existing PCs, the one from the library don’t show up.
Even turning the library PC to a REC doesn’t help, because when I try to create a RPL in my main model, the
REC Catalog from the library doesn’t show in the dialog box either.

Did you add the library to the project in which you want to use it?

For instance, I can easily use classes from the library in my project (provided I click the “save all” button after editing the library). I created an “external” class in the library, a “local” class in the project; I can put the “external” and “local” classes side by side on a CDB in the project.
I also created a “shared component” PC in the library and a “specific component” PC in the project. I can easily add “specific component” to a PCBD or PAB in the model. But I can’t do the same with “shared component”.

Hi Antoine !
Have you created this “share component” within CapellaStudio ?
We are trying to do exactly the same thing, and the problem we meet is :
we’re able to create a PC, but not the part linked at this PC (when you create a PC “PC1” in Capella, the part “PC1:PC1” is automatically created in Capella), and it is that part with is use in diagrams, so maybe the problem is the same that ours, we can’t neither instantiate the created component in the diagrams.
Have you succeed to find a solution ?

A member of my team recently managed to achieve PC/PF reuse from a library, through the REC/RPL mechanism. You may find additional info in this thread:
https://polarsys.org/forums/index.php/r/reply_to/868/ .
Important note: I realized a bit too late that I should have posted this in the Capella workbench forum, as we don’t actually use Capella Studio.

Tank you Antoine!
But I think yet the link you gave is not the good one

Indeed, sorry about that :

Hi Adrian,
In order to share your “PC” between several project you must create a library. Then you just have to create “REC” in your library and then instantiate them in the corresponding project. By doing this you will also find all of your ports and their links (PC1: PC1 [RPL]).