Parametric Modeling

This is one of the typical goals of the “viewpoints” in Capella:
If you look at the Basic Mass, Basic Price and Basic Performance, they are examples of definition of new properties to model elements, and then ability to perform calculations on these properties.
With Capella Studio, you can create your own viewpoints and execute your own algorithms…

Hi Pascal,
Thank you for your reply!
Yes viewpoints can define new properties and perform calculations, like Basic Mass, Basic Price and Basic Performance. But they are specific viewpoint, with domain knowledge.
Actually we are seeking for a general viewpoint that can define general parameters and perform self-defined algorithms, just like parametric diagram in SysML.
Is there anything like that?

Well, nothing prevents you to define a ‘simple’ viewpoint without any ‘calculation’
I’m not aware of any public existing implementation for Capella. However, create a new one inspired from SysML concepts (Constraints with a ‘body : String’ and a ‘language : String’ + relationships between parameters) should be quite easy to implement.
You sould find some inspiration here:

Thank you for your information! Actually we are now trying to implement it by ourselves, which is more complex than parametric diagram. Just in case we are inventing something that already exists.
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Hi Renfei,
Did you watch the recent webinar about the new 1.2 features?
S. Bonnet gives an example that looks like what can be done with parametric diagrams by creating Property Values « by hand » and using them in Constraints

Hi Pascal,
Thanks for your information. The Property Values « by hand » with Constraints do look like parametric diagrams, and maybe it can satisfy our requirements someday.
This year we have already defined another model element “Parameter”, and make a set of extensions around it. For example, we integrate with Matlab to do calculating of Parameters.

Hi Renfey,
Also you should look at the upcoming webinar that talks about this topic! o?nomenu=true&siteurl=obeo-france-event-en&service=6 &rnd=0.6156512479070464&main_url=https%3A%2F%2Fobeo- 0442a14776dce59e65f0f2ffd925790a2cce27d571b0c2f7b7ba18cf6844 098fa8%26siteurl%3Dobeo-france-event-en%26confViewID%3D11167 6139332730799%26encryptTicket%3DSDJTSwAAAASA0NhgcOznBWXVSe7M K_ABtb0m9K7wurySLfi82Qp24Q2%26

Hi Stéphane,
OK, I will. Thanks.

Hi Dear Pascal,
How does it works? i tried but got nothing

You created property values and constraints: exactly like in a parametric diagram in SysML. That’s all we can do in core Capella.
If you want to execute some calculation, you need to create a Viewpoint with Capella Studio, the same way you need additional tooling with any SysML editor…

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Hi Stephane,

Link is not working for me, can you please sharre it again?

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Sorry, I don’t remember which it was pointing to… But all webinars get recorded and go on the Capella Youtube channel