Organize Functional Chains within Folders

Hi -

I utilize a lot of functional chains (its a favorite here…) and I would like to be able to organize the Functional Chains into folders for organization efficiencies while maintaining their allocation under a certain Function.

Utilizing Folders has been helpful for me to organize (without changing hierarchy) of other Functions, and Components - perhaps I have a setting wrong?




Hi Brandon,
It looks like a feature request to me… Juan, do you confirm?


Actually, according to the Arcadia methodology, the idea is to define the scenarios and the functional chains according to the capabilities of your systems.

In Capella, a scenario is necessarily created under a capability. Functional Chains are not necessarily created under capabilities, but you can drag & drop them in order to organize them.

This should help you to structure the definition of what the system should do:
- capabilities are the services provided by the system
- functional chains and scenarios illustrate how those services are provided by the system

Actually Aurelien, do you know why functional chains can be created under functions?

Probably, some historical reason, as FC is one of the first Arcadia concepts…

And also not stupid, as a FC is “just” a specific sequence of Functions and FEs, which are all under the Functions Pkg.

Last but not least, in Capella, a FC can be involved in more than one Capability…

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