Org.polarsys with python4capella

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use the script “”.
I have no error in the console but instead having the correct name of the new Component but only PC
I have just detected a mark error in front of the line
undefined variable: org
What does it means? How can I fix the issue?

This error is a false positive from PyDev, EASE can resolve it at runtime. You can follow this documentation to remove the error from PyDev. You need to add org.

Hi Yvan

Could you tell me how to add org.
Thank you for your help!

You can follow this documentation. Add org separated by a comma to the existing list of sympols.

Thanks Yvan, it works but unfortunately I don’t get the right behavior.
The name associated with the component created is PC and not “New Component” as expected.

The set name should be moved after the call to creationService(). creationService() reset the name of the component.

It works
Thank you

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