Ordering property values

Dear all,

The property values is an amazing feature to the Capella tool. However, I faced a little issue when using it.

Let’s imagine I have a Physical Component, to which I have attached 10 property values. When I want to display those PV(for instance in a M2Doc file), they will be displayed by chronological order.

Let us say that I want to change that order (see picture).

Do you know if there is a better way to do that than starting from scratch ?
I tried to use the PgeUp / Pge Down keys that works usually for model elements. It did not here.



PVMT hierarchy


You can try the following:

  • Select the element of interest (in your case the Physical Component)
  • Press F8, it will highlight the element in the Project Explorer
  • Unfold the element (>): you should see the Property Values, select one of them
  • Press Ctrl+PageDown/Up, or use the arrow buttons in the top right of the Project Explorer: this will change the order of the Property Values

PS: I didn’t test with M2Doc

Hope this helps

Hello Juan,

That is what I tried at first, but actually I can not ‘unfold’ the PC to see the attached property values…

I first deselect all project explorer filters in order to be sure that the problem is not coming from here:
Deselect quick filter

However, I can not unfold the PC component…

I work with Capella 1.4.0. Is that possible that those links were not visible in this version ?


Here a picture I wanted to attach to my previous message, but which I couldn’t since I am a new user on this forum :slight_smile:

PC - not unfold

I just did it in Capella 1.4.0 for the IFE sample project:

Regarding filters, I suggest you to hide the Parts.

Yes, it also worked for me for PV groups but not for PV…

regarding the parts, it was because I deselect all the filters just before taking the picture :slight_smile: