Optimization Loops in Capella

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to know if it is somehow possible to create “Optimization Loops” for the development phase of the real system.

To give you an example: Let’s assume one would like to create a sophisticated planning tool for a truck driver so that he or she can visit some plants in an optimal manner. I created a little Capella model, which is, however, far from detailed. A subsystem “Optimization Algorithm” contains several algorithms that will be necessary for this task.

Obviously, there will be several iteration loops until the engineers have found the perfect “Optimization Algorithm Model” (e.g. which kind of algorithms to use in which order).

Is it possible to “map” these “iterative loops” in Capella / Arcadia? Maybe using some kind of “Arrangement Scenarios” (e.g. I have five possible arrangements/scenarios of the algorithm sequence, I simulate all five and decide for the best?)

Thank you for your reply!


Just taking a wild guess here, but maybe “Optimal Algorythm Selection” is a capability of your system, then it involves a function “Identify optimized algorithm” in your subsystem “Optimization Algorythm”, and you can describe different scenarios by creating Functional Scenarios that describes your capability?


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Sounds like a nice solution. Thanks!

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