Operational Context Not Showing up

I am trying out a online tutorial on Capella MBSE tools - Sutd - 40014-capella-tutorials
In the tutorial, at the section operational entity breakdown. After adding all the actors and operational entities. Under the Capella Project Explorer, there should be a section for Operational Context (Attached - 123).
However, when after I added the actors and operational entities. There I wasn’t able to have the operational context folder (Attached - Download).
Without the operational context I am not able to proceed with System Analysis.
Please advise how can I have the operational context folder.
Your advice is deeply appreciated. Thank you!


Hi You,
The catapult tutorial has been made with Capella 1.3.0, you are probably using a newer version of Capella (which one?), this is why you see a difference. Basically, the OEBD diagram you created is stored under the Operational Entities folder. Why do you say “I am not able to proceed with System Analysis.”? What error do you get at which step?
In any case, you should be able to complete the tutorial with the last Capella versions, but there may be slight differences. Alternatively, you can install Capella 1.3.0 and do the tutorial with it.

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