Operational analysis update from system analysis


I´m working on a capella proyect where first I skipped Operational Analysis step but then, after working on System Analysis and Logical Archictecture, I find the need to work with Operational Analysis. My question is: how can I make transitions (manually or automatically) from System Analysis to Operational Analysis? (capabilities to operational capabilities, system functions to opeartional activities, structure to operational entities, etc.)

I don’t believe there is way to do this automatically – that would too easy :smiley:. But it can be done manually. Essentially perform your operational analysis following the Arcadia method and when you’re content it looks complete you can then manually link, for example, your system functions to your operational activities, your system actors to your operational entities and actors, etc. This can be done by selecting the relevant system element and opening the properties dialog box (double click).

You could also theoretically automate that with Python4Capella:

  1. Find every Sys capability
  2. Create for every one of them an operational capability
  3. add the operational Capability in the right place, one by one.

Thank you for both answers!
I linked them manually. In the next future, I may try the Python4Capella automation

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