Operational activities

Hello~ I’m trying to get the allocated operational activities of an operational entity. However, the query works in interpreter, but the generated file doesn’t have any content.
Interpreter:(the activities can be acquired by typing aql: self.allocatedOperationalActivities)


generated file:

model structure:

oab diagram:


  1. Do you have actually content on the “summary” part of your entities?
  2. Could you try to insert words in between your M2DOC queries? (A word before the first M2DOC if query in the description column, another word before calling its content, anothe after… and see what is happening.
  3. Do you have any error messages in your validation document?


Hi Beka, thank you for your reply!

  1. I haven’t wrote summary in my capella elements, but they can be generated successfully if I write them. In the In-flight management project, the operational acitivities and summary can be acquired successfully.
  2. My query sentences are accurate. I’ve tested them in other models like IFE system. But in this model, my queries fail to get the content, so I just want to check if you guys have met such problems before. I guess there are something wrong with this model specifically.
  3. No validation document is generated. There are no error messages.
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Sometimes a perfectly fine query would work on a sample project but would not work on an actual project because of an unforseen missed configuration.
I think you should try to write in the summary something and see. I would also, nevertheless, try to insert words between my accurates query sentences and see if there is an issue non related to the queries somehow. That’s how I would do it.

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