Object Datatypes

With some past experience with Papyrus, I started to use Capella for generating documentation.
I played a bit with the IFE example, the Sirius perspective, and the M2Doc interpreter.
Considering the SA template, I would to like in the operational capabilities, and I tried the following within a loop:
self.eAllContents (la::OperationalCapability) to retrieve the associated objects.
This ObjectType sounds to be wrong → invalid: invalid type literal
The EClass information neither provide my datatype (as it is @ a ECore level), and I also didn’t find the appropriate properties view for this.

Is there a link to the Sirius library documentation, or how do you usually proceed?

Thanks by advance,

OperationalCapability are in the oa package. To fine this you can check Capella’s ecore metamodels or in the generated code.

This gives you oa::OperationalCapability for your type. You might also need to add the oa metamodel nsURI to your template using the template properties wizard:


You should see the nsURI with the version corresponding to your Capella in the list.

Thank you for this quick refresh, I’m able to collect my data.

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