OAIB Issue

Hello all!
I started my first MBSE project with Capella. I´m currently in the Operational Analysis phase. I´m at the point where I want to create my OAIB diagram which is helpful for the definition of operational processes.
I wanted to insert the operational activities via the transfer dialog. Unfortunately the software shows not all OAs in the window. What is wrong here? Some links missing? In case I make drag&drop from model tree everything works fine.
Attached please find a picture of the issue.
Thanks in advance for your help!


I’m guessing that the “transfer” dialog you are talking about is in fact the tool in the Palette of OAIB diagrams called Operational Activities?
If it is the case, I wasn’t able to reproduce your issue, it works fine in my Capella 1.4.

I am reproducing it with Capella 1.4.0 on my end. I created a new OAIB diagram at the Operational Activities root of the IFE example, and when trying to insert them, only a subset is showing.
I did the same on Capella 1.3.1 and they all showed up.

Hi Stephane,
thanks for your response. Does it mean this issue is linked to Vers. 1.4.0? Or in other words: I did not make a miste? :slight_smile:

Hi Marius,
Well, I am not 100% sure as Juan said it was working for him, but either I am doing something wrong, either it is an issue with version 1.4.0.
You can try with version 1.3.1 on your end and check if it is working.

I have created an issue.