OAB - Functionnal exchange in black color for no obvious reason


I’ve got a Functionnal exchange in black but it is integrated in just one involvment in an OPD.

By consequences, it is quite less readable in the OAB (I would like to give a clear big picture).

I checked in all OPD if it is not hide and i also launch a diagram validation but with no results.

Do you have any idea why or what could I do to analyse ?

FYI, I’m using MA-4.2.1 .

Thanks in advance

I am sorry but I do not understand what you problem is. Maybe provide screen capture of the issue or what you would like to have?

For example, in the OAB capture, the functionnal exchange “ask for PP purchase” is in black color despite the fact that it is in only one Operationnal process :

OAB - Functionnal Exchange in black color.png

Would you be able to share you rmodel and diagram files?
Or a subset where you keep only this diagram and all the elements required to reproduce the issue?
Also if you’re using MA, you should probably reach internal Thales support I assume.

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