Not getting links in Documentation tab

Hi Team,

I am trying Capella and looking to browse the sample project: Level Crossing Traffic Controller.

When I look at the videos on the sample project they have links. See the snapshot below.

When I myself open the documentation tab it doesnt give links to browse. It’s plain text only.

Am I missing something. How do i get the same view as the one in the videos.

Since I am new, maybe there is another way to get a linked high level view which you could dig into or browse the project from. Where is that please if it exists.

Thanks a bundle.

Please see my response/question in this thread: Links on the Documentation tab

Freshly Downloaded Version
Version: 5.1.0
Build id: 202106150755

and the .log file is here:

As I am a new user I couldnt reply on the other thread.

What I see in the log file is that your configuration looks ok, but indeed something is going wrong with the widget displaying the documentation…
Sorry I cannot help here.