New to xHtml doc generation from emf ecore model - Unable to add figures inside HTML Page

Dear all collegues,
I am currently trying to work with kitalpha at present. I have a simple xhtml generated with no figures inside the page body. I used the generation using the generationChain model on the extremely simple emf ecore model.

  • League -> Attributes: Name, Type: EString
  • Player -> Attribute: Name: Type: Estring

The generationChain model looks something like the following

  • Bowling [Generation Chain]
    Bowling [Documentation Generation]
    bowling [Emf Generation]
    Feature Addition feature
    Kitalpha Documentation Generation bowling
    Kitalpha Documentation Generation Branding ABC
    Sorry I cannot attach only 1 figure.

The generated page shown in the attached figure

Can someone please help me get the figures inside the body of the html page? I need to do something like the follow page: on the page Root Operational Activity on the Own Diagram. How can I do it? Is there any tutorial step-by-step to do it. I am for some reason finding it to follow the steps.
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In Kitalpha’s ecore documentation generation, simple and automatically generated diagrams should be inserted in the generated result. This is a bug that I have reproduced in Kitalpha 5.1.0. Thanks for that. For some reason two aird files are generated causing a conflict (the correct one does not get initialized).

In order to get the diagrams automatically generated, you have to open the generated aird file (in my case the test_ecore_xhtml.aird) and then relaunch your documentation generation (run genchain).

You can also modify the generated diagrams (the ones in red in the previous capture) and relaunch the generation, it keeps the diagrams modifications.

If you want a documentation generation “like the one in Capella” then this is not possible with the current state of Kitalpha’s ecore documentation. As an alternative you may use a Capella model and the class diagrams to get a documentation for your content (and even rely on the selective or partial documentation generation to focus only on your content, see but it will not provide documentation for an ecore file.

For the record, what is your version of Kitalpha ?


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Hey Araud,
Thanks a million for coming back to me. I am currently using 5.1.0 version :slight_smile: I am surely going to come back to you as soon as possible to let you know if that worked at my end. Again thanks and will try it.
Have a very nice day.
best regards,