New release of Python4Capella

A new release for Python4Capella is available here. It has been possible thanks to your feedback and discussions on this forum. The new version is build on top of EASE 0.8.0 and is compatible with Capella 6.0.0 (the stable version, it might need further developments when Capella 6.0.0 is released).


There was one problem that I hoped I investigated more to let you reproduce it and maybe help you find a fix,
I noticed a while ago with the older release of P4C that moving projects or particularly “changing workspaces” could cause some damage where:
You can’t load P4C (no script working) and you can’t reinstall it (you open the install window select P4C and it tells you it is already installed) even if you tried to delete it, or something like that.
Whenever I have free time, this month or the month after I will give you the full behaviour.

Could me related to metadata or project data or something more related to the workspace i don’t know.

Preferences defined for PyDev and EASE are saved in the workspace. So for instance, you will need to define the Python interpreter you want to use after changing workspace as well as the EASE script locations.

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