New feature - Modify progress in the Progress Overview Window

Just sharing what I think could be a nice to have feature.
When you open the “Progress Overview” window of the project, you have the overview of all the Progress State of all Element.
I found this feature awesome.
However, I didn’t find a way to modify the states from here directly.
A right Click on a element of this list which would open the same window as the “Set Progress” option would allow to quickly manage the progress of the project.
The possibility to just set the state by clicking on the column “State” of an element of the “Progress Overview” window will do the trick as well.


You can do it using the MassEdit view.
Simply select all the model elements you want to check and modify the status, right click and send to MassEditing view. Then you can select the columns you want to see (select only name and status, for instance).
Hope it helps