New actor definition allowed at logical layer

Good afternoon,

I would like to clarify whether ARCADIA method allows to create new actors at logical layer, that is, not identified and captured at system layer.

My view is that all logical actors should have been identified and captured at system layer, any new actors identified at logical derived from a deeper analysis should be reflected and updated at system layer.

In addition, whether ARCADIA allows new actors to be defined at logical layer:

  • Does it mean not all the interfaces will be captured for the System-of-interest (SoI) at system layer?

  • What is the interface concept when representing an the interface between new actors represented at logical layer and the logical components?

  • How it is defined the boundary of the System-of-Interest (SoI)?

Thank you

Hi Helder,
Maybe a very incomplete answer here. I would tend to agree that a newly created Actor created at the Logical Level should be reflected at the System Layer. But also, in Arcadia, you are not forced to use all layers. Some users start directly at the Logical layer without doing a System Analysis. Others may receive the System Analysis from others and can’t modify it. So this may be a start of an explanation. Again please consider my answer as incomplete as I am not the expert here.