Navigating through aql when starting from an ecore::EAttribute

Don’t know if this is doable or not.
Let’s say I have the following EAttribute:

I found it impossible to obtain the value of this attribute from this attrbute:

  • eInverse() does not work, I could get to the original object (its name happen to be “origin” here), I mean i used eInverse(class of origin), it would not work.
  • the attributes of THIS attribute were of no help:
  • eAllSuperTypes might not help.

Is there anyway to obtain the value of the attribute (here id would be (3a106ac6-2d73-4fd8-9e68-3ff583071791)), when you have the “EAttribute” as a starting point in your aql call.

I guess not?

My goal?
Is to obtain the value of all (eAllStructuralFeatures) without having to write the name of the attribute next to the element you are studying, if that makes sens?
In other words I want to find an aql call that gives you a Sequence containing this:


You should be able to do something like:


But this return an Object and after this AQL will not be able to infer the correct type. You will probably need to use .oclAsType() or ->filter() to help AQL validation.

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