Name of the CAPELLA Notation ARCML

Hi everyone, I use Capella since a long time now, and yesterday I was asked about " what is ARCML" ? I wanted to answer him also with a link to the site, but …I couldn’t find the word anywhere. It seems that ARCML disappeared and is “just” replaced by DSL. Please excuse-me, I certainly did not searched enough, or is there any reason ? Thanks for all

I too am interested in the use of the term “ARCML”. The only reference I have ever seen to this term is in a blog post by @pascal.roques which dates back to June 2018.

I am not sure whether ARCML is universally recognized by the creators of the language. I personally tend to simply call it the Arcadia modelling language. I am sure some regular of this forum will know the historical context of this and can provide some enlightenment.

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It may be mentioned in the AFNOR standard corresponding to Arcadia - not sure.

The term ARCML it is not official at my knowledge and I actually found it “reductive”.
Arcadia is the name of the modelling language but also, and even more important, of the method while SySML or UML are “only” languages.

For the small history ARCADIA is actually an acronym meaning: “ARChitecture Analysis and Design Integrated Approach” :slight_smile: → an “approach” meaning a method and its notation language.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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The blog entry on ARCADIA est une norme AFNOR ! - PRFC
The official information in French is not public: you have to buy the standard… Norme XP Z67-140 (