Name of the CAPELLA Notation ARCML

Hi everyone, I use Capella since a long time now, and yesterday I was asked about " what is ARCML" ? I wanted to answer him also with a link to the site, but …I couldn’t find the word anywhere. It seems that ARCML disappeared and is “just” replaced by DSL. Please excuse-me, I certainly did not searched enough, or is there any reason ? Thanks for all

I too am interested in the use of the term “ARCML”. The only reference I have ever seen to this term is in a blog post by @pascal.roques which dates back to June 2018.

I am not sure whether ARCML is universally recognized by the creators of the language. I personally tend to simply call it the Arcadia modelling language. I am sure some regular of this forum will know the historical context of this and can provide some enlightenment.

It may be mentioned in the AFNOR standard corresponding to Arcadia - not sure.