Multiplicity in Models

Hi all,

I want to create models where functions and/or components have multiplicity. For example; 4 wheels of a car.

In my case, the number can be 100 or more of model elements that need to be replicated. It becomes tedious and not value adding in some cases to draw 100 of these replicated elements.

My question is how does one handle this efficiently in Capella?


Capella provides the REC/RPL mechanism for these purposes. You may want to take a look to the manual and this video: [HOW TO] Replicate model elements in Capella - YouTube

It is not very often that we encounter a use case where you REALLY need to replicate a hundred times though. Sometimes it is smarter to specify a pattern (e.g. a set of elements like interconnected functions allocated to components and carrying textual requirements) and just add a comment telling that the pattern shall be instantiated a hundred times.

Thanks, I have encountered the REC/RPL mechanism before but not used it. I will explore this further.

I think in my specific case; I want to be able to capture an architecture comprising of over 100 processing channels.

For this case; your second suggestion of capturing an instance of the pattern and then showing the multiplicity with a note is more pragmatic.