Multiple SAB

I am working in a Capella model to define N distinct system scenarios.
I want to have a full picture view but also specific distinct views of the architecture.
At System analysis, that mean I want a complete SAB that report all functions and exchanges, but also specific SAB for each scenario with only relevant functions and exchanges. (image example attached)
The issue is:
In an architecture diagram (ex: SAB), when 2 functions are imported, all exchanges between them are automatically imported.
The function delete from diagram is not accessible and the only solution I found is to hide irrelevant exchanges.
This is not a good solution because:

  • time consuming if a lot of exchanges
  • not robust to model modification
  • exchanges are still there, just hided
    Is there a good (at least better) way to deal with multiple system scenarios in architecture scenario?

You may want to check out the Basic Filtering add-on (beta version). Here is a video from the last webinar that presented the new features in Capella 1.3:
Also check this post to download the add-on : 729
Hope it helps.

I did not know about this add-on, I’ll look at that.

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