Multiple Physical Architectures

Hello all,
In my Capella model, I wanted to show different physical architectures for the same model in logical architecture.
I am trying to model different hardware solutions possible for the architecture designed at logical level.
Is this possible with the tool?
Best Regards

No you cannot really have several physical architectures (PA) in one single model.
The only solution would be to copy the model, use diff/merge to synchronize the SA/LA.
In your different PAs, will you have different functional breakdowns and different behaviour components (BC, the blue ones)? Or only the allocations of BCs to Implementation components (IC, the yellow ones) will change? In the later case, then we have to option you can try.

Hi Stéphane,
Would the horizontal System to SubSystem transition be an option as well to handle this need?

Thank you for the reply. In different solutions I want to allocate behavioral PC to implementation Components differently. Is there is any work around?

In that case yes, I believe you can try something.
In the preferences, in the “Model” section tick the “Multiple allocation allowed” box
Then, in your PA, just organize your Physical Components so that you have to sets of Implementation Components (for that, I would probably create 2 “fake” PCs right under “Physical System”: Alternative 1 and Alternative 2. And inside these fake PCs, I would create the two sets of Implementation Components. The only thing is you have to copy your ICs (using REC-RPL might be an option for that if lots of ICs are common between your two alternatives.

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