Multi-valued property values

Hi all,
Is it possible to create multi-valued property values.
For example, I would like to create a PropertyValues « Environment » with possible values « prod » and/or « integration »

I don’t believe we can have mumltiple values.
Instead, maybe you could create one PV for each option (prod, integration) and on one given element, apply multiple PVs.

Hi, the same property value group could be applied to an element multiple times e.g. to describe references to multiple elements in another model (each set of values in one application of the PVG would describe a reference to one source element). In this case, there is a variable number of references. Effectively, it is a list of references. So predefining different PVGs is not an option. Could PVMT be extended to support such a list of PV(G)s?

You could create a property group with boolean subproperties for each ‘option’:


Then it would be accessible in the Applied Property Value Groups and you can independently set each option to TRUE or FALSE.