[MSM] System Mode State

Is there a good example of the Systems States & Modes diagram? In the Arcadia method what top half and bottom half of the Mode or State icon for, labeled “State and Region”? What is DeepHistory and ShallowHistory, where and when would I use them? Is there a standard that the diagram methodology is based on? I have read numerous papers, textbooks and handbooks that discuss academically/philosophically that states & modes are arbitrary. Even reading the INCOSE paper from 2017 and the video that introduces “configurations”. These are not giving me the guidance. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Zippy_SoapBox_Racer you’ll find that Arcadia modes and states are largely predicated on SysML state machine diagrams. You’ll find loads of material online, and in academic publications, that explains the concepts of deep and shallow history. If you can understand the SysML concepts on this you can read that knowledge across to Arcadia.