Modes & States Viewpoint Issue (vpms v0.12.0.xx)

I recently added this viewpoint for experimenting with configurations, but ran into an issue with a corruption(?) of the Diagram Editor Palette
Once I added the viewpoint via the dropin folder, I found that the Zoom (+) control button disappeared. Also the “Text” and “Note” objects disappeared from the Note pulldown menu (note: Link Note and Note Attachment remained undisturbed). I recovered from the issue by removing the viewpoint from the drop-ins folder to restore Capella back to prior status.

  1. I researched with Capella for an ability to manually re-enabled these items to the Palette, but could find no method. For example, right click in the Palette bar area and selecting Customize did not provide a way to “turn on” the missing features. I then searched in Capella Preferences and so forth. Is there a way to re-enable the missing items with the viewpoint installed, maybe I just need some guidance to find the way?
  2. Assuming this issue is known for Capella 1.2.1 and VPMS 0.12.0, is there an updated version that fixes this issue? (I have vpms that I retrieved using the link provided in the YouTube video that covered this viewpoint).
  3. Since I’m still interested to work with this viewpoint, is there a published buglist available to review so I can understand if other issues would prevent me from adding the viewpoint into my Capella installation. We like the idea, but may not be possible to use if important Capella features are compromised.

Hi, the issue you encountered is a bug which has probably been present since the beginning. I will try to provide a fix within the next few days.

Hi, the issue you found should be fixed in the new builds available here: le/ le/
As for 3) no, there is no list of known issues

Hi Felix, thanks for providing the bug fix. I do have a follow up question. Is there plans to update VPMS to be Capella 1.3.1 compatible? We are getting ready to make a move to the latest Capella version across our team, so would be disappointing to have to leave this add-on behind.

Hi Scott,
I had an update from Stephane Bonnet, this build should work on Capella 1.3.1: /