Model validation by diagrams

My question deal with the model validation on the 1.1.1 version of Capella. When you perform a validation from the Capella project it allows to validate sums of elements.
However, when the validation is performed from a diagram, only one element is validated. Even if you select more than 2 elements, the validation is performed only on the first one.
Moreover, if you do “Validate diagram” directly, it displays the icons of the errors, warnings ands infos on the elements concerned, but not in the “Information” Window.
My question : Is there a way to display validation of model’s diagrams in the “Information” window.
Hoping to be clear and thanking you in advance.

You are pointing out something I don’t like in Capella.
The “Validate model” command (that you can launch either from the Project Explorer either from on right click on a model element in a diagram) will always run the validation rules recursively on the the descendants.
The “Validate diagram” will only launch the validation rule in a flat way on all elements appearing on the diagram.
I don’t mind these differences.
The thing I don’t like is that the presentation of the results are different. The frist one will display the result with meaningful information in the Capella Information view. The second one will dispay the icons on the diagram + will display the errors in the native Eclipse Problems view.
There is no foreseen refactoring on this part in a close future, unfortunately

Thanks for your answer!