MODAF/DODAF use of Arcadia/Capella

We have been asked what it would take to make a DODAF item SV-1 in Capella/Arcadia. Interested in any experience anyone can share.

Hi. MODAF/DODAF and other xAF define concepts whose name and definition are not always the same as those defined by Arcadia. However, experience has shown that:

  • There are similar concepts that can be used in very similar ways. For instance, resources and assets can be modelled using Arcadia’s Physical Components

  • Views (diagrams) may be quite similar to those in Capella. For instance a SV-1 view like this one can be reproduced by a Physical Architecture (PAB) diagram in Capella. This is possible because ususally Architecture Frameworks doesn’t define a specific graphical representation of the concepts (meaning that in this picture you may change the ellipses by rectangles, and colors may change as well)

Hope this helps

Thanks, Juan. Your answer was timely and relevant. Your point about the lack of standardization in the SV-1 diagram is pertinent; I’ve suggested our team ask the customer for an example so we can make informed decisions about the presentation.

What I do think is something we might want to look at in this area is that the SV-1 is sometimes made top down (e.g., from one or more concept of operations documents) while other times it is an aggregation/abstraction of the lower level models. The operational analysis capability should put Capella/Arcadia a step ahead of SysML V1/Cameo for that work.


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