Missing RecCatalog extension when migrating a project


I am using Capella (System Modeling Workbench) Version: 6.1.1

When migrating the sample project: “In-Flight Entertainment System”, I am getting this error:

Some extensions are missing
Unknown 'RecCatalog[]' from model 'http://www.polarsys.org/capella/common/re/6.0.0'.

How can I install the missing extension?

Thank you

Your version is 6.1.1? I only could find 6.0.0, which has a regression about mass view generation. There is a countarnement for it but it would be easier to have this solved. Have you the release notes for 6.1.1?
Thierry Poupon

Please re-post in a new topic. Tx

Same issue with pure Capella Version: 5.2.0

Are you sure you’re using the right version of the IFE model?

Downloaded from the Capella website

So on the Capella website, you’ll find multiple versions of Capella and multiple versions of the IFE model.
Assuming you downloaded it straight from the download page, you got the IFE model version compatible with the last Capella version (6.0), which won’t be compatible with Capella 5.2 or SMW 6.1.1.
Juste below “In-Flight Entertainment (IFE)” model download link, you’ll see the " Samples for older releases link where you should find the IFE model version you’re looking for.

Note that the IFE model is also packaged directly within the Capella zip when you download Capella (hence you’ve got the right version by default with Capella).

I hope this helps.

Very complete and clear.

Thank you Stéphane.

Fixed by using the project available with Capella download. Tx again.