Migration to 1.4.0

Hello all and happy new year
I just tried to migrate to 1.4.0 from 1.3.0 and experience following issue
Despite my model is yet only in OA layer, I added in the application addons VP-Price, Mass & peformance. So I copied initially 1.3.0 dropins contents to 1.4 one and import my model to the new workspace.
Trying to open any operational activity editing box, I had the mention could not initialize class org.polarsys.vp.price.pricepackage.
Then I redownloaded the addon from polarsys, reopen the same model: no result.
Then I checked the compatibility matrix: all VP should be refreshed. So I did, and now Mass instead of price is complaining.
Should I remigrate from my 1.3 model after this refresh?
Thanks for your advise

The procedure I used to migrate to capella 1.4:

  1. Backup the workspace
  2. Uninstall Capella
  3. Install the new 1.4 version
  4. Install all the add ons I was using (make sure the add-ons are compatible with the new capella. Note that new dropins are available for version 1.4)
    On our side we are using M2Doc and Req VP.
  5. Import your old workspace as it was (set the PATH to your old workspace for example)
  6. Right clic on a project -> migrate towards the current version.
    Using M2Doc a lot, I had some issues then as my templates were using the old 1.3 model. I had to update it, and I had to migrate M2Doc document toward the new version manually. I did not had any issue with Req VP so far.