Migration to 1.2.1 issue with viewpoint ms

Hello Alex,
The capella-vpms-addon-dropins-0.7.0.v20170710-1223 is only compatible with Capella 1.1.x.
Can you try downloading this version of the add-on (
https://hudson.polarsys.org/capella/job/capella-addon-vpms-v 1.2.x/37/artifact/git/vpms/org.polarsys.capella.vp.ms.site/t arget/vpms-dropins- and deploy it in Capella 1.2.1 ?
It should allow you performing the migration of your model

Hello Aurelien,
yes it’s working well
But I see with Stephane Bonnet that I have a problem on my model because there’s path which is not good inside my *.aird file causing this issue : : null java.lang.NullPointerException.
So if I remove the bold part inside my *.aird then do the migration with your latest MS viewpoint then it’s working


Thanks a lot for your help
Best Regards

Hello Alex ,
I also have the null.java.lang.NullPoinerException one year after, migrating from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1
Can you explain exactly what are the bold parts into your .aird file ? Does that mean that the outdated elements of the models are in bold in this file ? And if yes, how did you manage to locate its considering the size of the .aird file ?

I’m still looking to improve modes and states relation across systems/subsytems and a better description of life phases/situation, modes, variants and states.
Finding this addon, my question is: is it still compatible to core 5.2?
Thierry Poupon