Migration of Models Between Capella and Sysml tools such as Enterprice Architect, Rhapsody etc

Hello Everyone,

I have made a system model in Capella and now customer is asking me to migrate to EA Tool. Is there way to import the model from Capella to EA Tool?
Please let me know if there is an automated solution…

Hi Krishna,

I’m Jonathan Lasalle, in charge of the MBSE-related activities at Artal/Magellium.

We developed some Capella bridges in collaboration with other companies :

  • “to” and “from” Cameo System Modeler SysML
  • to Enterprise Architect UML

Given that those bridges are based on a quite widespread exchange format, they will be potentially adaptable, at low cost, to other tools.

We are currently working on the expansion of these bridges and on the integration of them on a common foundation that will integrate some advanced features (customization, incremental support…). This new version will be a part of our commercial offer (https://capella.artal-group.com/ ).

Keep in mind that the conversion rules provided by any bridge depend on the usage of the two languages. Thus it generally needs some customization.

Do not hesitate to contact me: capella@artal.fr.



Thank you for the information and contacts.