Merging sub-system to system

Hello, I am trying the System to Sub-System add-on and I had a question, If I give my Capella model to another modeler, he creates a new model from 1 of my components with the System to Sub-system add on, and i want to include that model in the original one, how can I do it?

Hi Oscar,
Here in this tool we are doing system engineering, and we are breaking down systems until end component. To do it we may have to do the journey SA-EPBS several times. The purpose is to give the appropriate requirement set to each system in the PBS tree:
Product Breakdown Structure. All what is done goes to expected product: this is the question, there is no consolidation back.
Still: at each system level, runs product design work that sets technical architecture, and design components on their physical side.
In this process: when component design is done, it replaces expected design: designed product consolidates designed components this is the answer area. It may happen that this designed component requires changes in expected product which has to run again in breakdown process. The tree there is the Engineering Bill Of Materials : difference is mainly that this is a consolidation and not a breakdown.
Feedback to top system model comes from designed component, and physical consolidation, not from subsystem analysis.