Maven in Capella Studio? How to import a java libray in a ViewPoint Service Rule

Is there a resource or know how to use maven and maven dependencies directly in capella studio? Ideally in a viewpoint?
I am developping a specific viewpoint in Capella Studio.
I managed to use it properly in Capella.
I have a few maven dependencies I would like to import to use this specific java code (REST Lib) in the rules of a service (in
What would be the best way to :

  • Use this REST library to access the Classes in Capella Studio?
    –> I succeeded by adding the library manually from disk (ugly…)
    –> using maven would be great or maybe I need to create a specific “extension point”?
  • Include the binary lib in the viewpoint running in Capella?
    –> I tried adding the library in the “Runtime” tab of the plugin.xml but the service is not visible and I cannot launch it
    –> what is the expected way?
    Thank in advance for your time, I can give more info if needed!

capella studio1.png
capella studio1.png

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