Mass views exports

My question is more enhancement request to tool makers:
Currently I use many csv export to analyze my model and I have several concerns:

  1. All views are forgotten when exiting the tool, so you need to perform again the selection. I exports have each time the same criteria: I need functions; functional exchanges Exchange Items; Modes; Capabilities…
    When selecting, I have to select at once items to be sent in several views, by short lists du to their position in the tree: examples: capabilities; scenarios; function instances or function and functional exchanges. I would like to have a way to show them all together for selection.
    The second choice would be to prepare a doc template, but then I would have to convert all tables to Excel to apply data checks (or Access)
    All this is related to:
    Check exchange item nature (which is set as property value group to allocating exchange category)
    Check justification of allocation: EI is used in one IS at least relating to interface and invoked exchange
    Track state and mode attribution while crossing Arcadia process from Mission; Capabilities to Component Behavior
    Track variant (applied property value group) from applying to function instance; scenario; capabilities; functions; allocating components (Value and attributes)
    Track generalization of EI values used in scenarios to signals through typing and generalization, track distribution of instances for EI related to multiple instanced function/components.
    At the moment I exporting 24 different tables for all this, just for system analysis.
    Thanks for any information

Thierry Poupon

I think document generation might not be the best solution for what I understood of your need. You could generate a document and have an human review it for validation but it seems tedious depending on the size of your model.

A better approach would be to implement validation rules inside of Capella. For more details please use the general section of this forum. This will give you feedback inside of Capella which is nice for people editing the Capella model.

An other approach could also be to create an external tool for batch validation for instance with Python4Capella. Python4Capella could also be used to create your csv/xlsx exports.

And for Capella improvements you should probably post your question in the main section of this forum.

Thanks Yvan
About validation rules, I explored available checks and could not find anything about EI nature (digital/analog/mechanical power/ airflow…) which is consistent because it’s not in standard metamodel. I could not find how to create rule either.
So to keep my rules in tool, I have to learn python… and python4capella then.
Thierry Poupon

The idea is to develop your own validation rule with the above extension point.

And also ask your question in the more generic section of this forum. Some people might have a better idea than I did :slight_smile: