Mass view with Capella 6.0.0

Just tried to raise a mass view (I tried both visualization and editing) I have this result:

Is there something to adjust in the SW package?

If yes, thanks for information
If no, to me this is a major concern…

Thierry Poupon


We have indeed identified this regression on the latest Capella 6.0.0. We are working on fixing it. We will see if it is possible to find a workaround. We will keep you informed on the progress.


The regression has been analyzed and we found what caused it .
It crashes when a svg has been displayed before the mass view is opened for the first time.

We are still discussing on the fix.

In the meantime, a workaround exists :

  • Ensure that no diagram is opened
  • Restart the platform so that no diagram is displayed
  • From the project explorer, send a capella model element in one of the mass view (using dragndrop or contextual menu)
  • Now that the view has been initialized once, the mass edit and visu views will work as expected