Mass view filter

As I still did not solve my Python limitation, I use more mass view export. I’m missing some tools in these view:

1: Filter on item class: this would avoid me selecting hundreds of item individually to raise the appropriate matrix used by my excel workbook, with sometime error to correct (redo) This filter could avoid me to leave a function in a functional exchange list…
2-Remember favorite views: this would avoid me to raise each start all my needed views, and even could help export less columns: just useful ones instead of all except rich text ones to avoid selection error.
External model checks are for my model:
1-Check exchange item nature (applied property value group) versus conveyor category (FE/CE/PL). I would appreciate the possibility to set categories to be exclusive (set only one for each).
2-Check states (life/use phase), modes consistency, mode transmission between parent and child component, availability of missions; capabilities and functions
3-Check properties and property values propagation including when describing variant data. Attribute may be propagated as is, or with a shortened value list when enumerated, or a property value may be replaced by a property (variant is replaced by configurable setting). Propagation follows in complete path:
Mission>Capability>Operand>Function execution>Function instance>Function>Component when the variant is for product mission set (duty shall vary across design products)
Actor>Actor function execution>Operand>Function execution>Function Instance>Function>Component when the system will have to adapt to varianted actors with functional impact
Actor>Physical Link>Physical Node without functional impact (no exchange nature change, only physical link “size” do)
Thanks for any suggestion to help as the bench is now.
Thierry P

PS: I forgot one: There is no semantic link between enumerated property value and enumerated property litteral, despite they appear together in the field applied property value…