Make calculus with property values

Any can suggest one way for I make calculus using the data from Capella?

I belive that it’s possible make any similar thing building one application with Capella Studio or KitAlpha, but I not sure.

Hi Gabriel,

You could for sure achieve something like this with Capella Studio, but I think the easiest way to get this result would be to use Python for Capella. It is an add-on that enables you to write Python scripts directly in Capella. The scripts can access and edit the data in your model, Property Values.
You can find more information about Python for Capella here: GitHub - labs4capella/python4capella: Python for Capella

Maybe someone here can correct me if I am wrong but, to my knowledge, PVMT does not natively allow to enter formulas as values, unfortunately.

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Thanks for your response.

Can you point me to a tutorial for Python4Capella? I tried to use it in the past, but I had a lot of problems and couldn’t run any simple examples.

Unfortunately, I am not really aware of an actual tutorial for Python for Capella. As for me, I relied on the user manual and the sample scripts provided in the add-on, and some trial and error, to learn it.

You can find the User Manual here:

Also, you can try to ask on this forum if you have some questions about it. Hopefully, someone will be able to help you.