M2Doc with requirement VP

Hello everyone,
Trying to generate documentation from a model with the newly imported Requirement VP, I have difficulties to obtain the value of Attributes related to requirements.
The query {m:for ext | self.containedOperationalAnalysis.eAllContents() ->filter(Requirements::Requirement)}
{m:for attr | ext.ownedAttributes}
{m: attr.values}
gives me the answer
Invalid query statement: Feature values not found in EClass Attribute
( I also tried with value instead of values ).
Isn’t value an attribute of the Attribute eClass ? I search in the Interpreter and it seems that it is !

Hello Julien,
I think that “value” is an attribute of the “StringValueAttribute” class. So you have to cast “attr” before calling “attr.values”
{m:for attr | ext.ownedAttributes-> select(oclIsTypeOf(Requirements::StringValueAttribute)).oclA sType(Requirements::StringValueAttribute)}
{m: attr.values}
or something close.
By the way, aql interpreter does not work exactly as M2Doc, it does not requires any cast, if you call “.values” on a list of attribute and only one of them as a value, it will return the value of this element, while M2Doc will return error because you have to select the element and cast them first.