M2doc unable to generate documentation

I am writing this topic to help other people who may face the similar problem. I have been working on a project on capella 5.0.0, and I recently install the m2doc addons. The document generation worked with other projects but not the one I was working one. In fact, the .genconf was not remembering the self variable when I was changing it, it always bring bask to ‘eobject’ as variable value. Everything else was working.
The problem was the name of the project, which contained an accent (é). Once changed in all files, the doc generation was running fine.
Little advice to change the project name in all file: open the three files (.afm, .aird and .capella) with text editor, and change every occurences of the old name with ctrl+f.
I hope this will help people facing similar problem as mine!

Thank you for sharing this with us. I opened a bug:

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