M2Doc Template for Operational Analysis- Capella

I am looking to author a template file for Operational analysis. Specifically for Entity and Activity Scenarios. I want to list down the elements like Operational Activities involved, outgoing and incoming exchanges and their realization in lower layers like System Analysis, Logical Architecture and Physical Architecture.
I tried going through the M2Doc documentation but wasn’t really helpful. Anyone working on similar topics, please provide some lead.

M2Doc is largely based on AQL queries, however there is no definite list of available queieries specifically for a Capella model, so a lot of it is trial and error. I have found that the Interpreter window is really useful for this, as it can show a lot of results without having to recomplie the template (see image attached).
If you have any specific queries you want you can ask here, or search through the forum as there have been many examples posted.
This is a good resource as well, although again not for Capella specific commands: