M2Doc technical error

Hi guys,

Just changed my template version to 3.1 and get this error at the generation

M2Doc : technical error.

Any ideas ?

Nevermind, I’ve just found the problem.

It appears to happen when I try to get the link description hosted by phycial ports

Do you have the corresponding stack trace ?
you can have a look at this issue:

It you are in a similar case you can use the workaround explained in the comments. This bug will be fixed in the next version of M2Doc.

Unfortunately, both the XmlValueDisconnectedException (when e.g. accessing .description for component exchanges) as well as the NPE for dangling refs seem to bestill present in m2doc 3.2.0/ Capella 5.1.0…

… .to be more precise: a reference to e.g. a Figure (Word cross-refernce) works. Also, a m2doc field such as ‘Figure’.asBookmarkRef(’_Ref65060723’) to the same Figure caption works (the link is in the generated documetn and is navigable), but it also seems to generate an unpleasant error message in the target document “dangling reference for bookmark _Ref65060723”. Why is that?

If the bookmark is not created using:


M2Doc has no idea this bookmark exists and an error message is added to the generated document to let you know that the reference is dandling.

If you don’t want M2Doc to check for the dandling bookmark references, you can create a reference using:


or maybe just:


I opened an issue to initialize the bookmark manager from M2Doc with existing bookmarks from the template: