M2DOC System Architecture Blank Not Appearing In Structure

Hi All,

I’m trying to generate a number of System Architecture Blank diagrams (Stored under system analysis structure) with M2DOC but for some reason the interpreter can’t “see” them when I try to query with:

I’ve used self.target.eClass() to try and probe the background of one of the SAB’s and it shows that is is within the SystemComponentPkg…

Any advice?

Thanks, Sam

You can use the following service to list all available representations in your Capella project:


It will generate a table with all representation and the element holding the representation and the name of the representation and the name of its description.

For your issue, The element holding the representation is a SystemComponentPkg so your AQL expression should look like this:

self.containedSystemAnalysis.ownedSystemComponentPkg.representationByDescriptionName('System Architecture Blank').name

The representation is not contained in the Capella element even if it appears like this in the project explorer. You can find more depresentations services here.