m2Doc: shortcut keys for Generate and Validate


naturally, when building a non-trivial m2doc template, hundreds rather than dozens of iterations change-(validate template)-generate documentation need to be carried out until the generated document meets the criteria. Each time a context menu has to used. Shortcut keys can be provided at least for these two menu commands, can´t they? In addition to that, a configuration option could be provided to trigger validation and/or generation at each time the template is saved (by the user).


The generation depend on a .genconf file in order to bind values to variables so you need to select a .genconf file to run a generation. The validation could be a bit more independent from the .genconf file since it is only used to get the validation destination.

In the next version of M2Doc a menu has been added to select a .genconf file directly from a template that reference it (see the second screenshot). Hope it wll be helpful.

Where can I find the ‘second screenshot’?

Clicking on the link and looking at the image just after the sentence “You can also use the «M2Doc Generate Template» menu on the template that is referenced by one or more generation configuration models (.genconf file):” I guess.
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Thanks (the dark reader mode removed the link style). Why not define one of the genconf as default and, as proposed, associate it with a key shortcut and also, in addition, an option to update (i.e. regenerate) the generated document each time it is saved?

I’m not sure it make sens in the general case. If you need to select a genconf or a template/generated document you already have the mouse in your hand. It make more sens to use a menu at this point.

You would set the default genconf just once (in a separate dialog, preferably of course in one of the already existing dialogs) and then, each time you would want to generate, you would use the shortcut right off. That is how default was (and is usually) meant.