M2DOC services missing in 2.0.2

I have an issue with M2DOC when I migrate from the v2.0.0 to the version 2.0.2. I had some templates that were working with the previous version that are not working anymore. I think that the version 2.0.2 doesn’t have the same services as the previous version, for example the asImage service seems to have disapeared (See the image attached).
Does anyone has the same kind of issue? How do you solve it?
Is there a list of services that are available for each version? When I go to the M2DOC website I have found services but I can’t find for which version they are available…
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You can find the services documentation in the reference documentation of M2Doc for a given version. For instance for M2Doc 2.0.2:
The service you are trying to use is still present in M2Doc 2.0.2.
Do you have registered following metamodels in your template:
You can register them using the template property wizard:
http://www.m2doc.org/ref-doc/2.0.2/index.html#template-prope rties-wizard

Thank you for your answer.
I have indeed removed these metamodels from my templates. I thought that I only need version named as the capella version 1.3.0. It was my mistake.

Capella is built on top of Sirius, that’s why we also need Sirius metamodels for some services.

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