M2Doc, Problems with pictures in description fields

I am facing an annoying problem
Users copy-paste a picture into the Descriptions fields of a item (for ex: Logical function)

When exporting this using template/M2Doc and fromHTMLBodyString() it does not work so nice, I got lot’s of pages in error with word complaining of wrong ASCII Code …

Usually Word die or is getting more and more slow & busy
Is there a way to recognize this copy paste and generate a cut & light image instead ?

I tried to go use a workaround so I saved the picture as a JPG, create a folder in template folder put the JPG inside and insert the JPG using the add image button

Image is displayed in the description display but when I try the export I have an error message


As I am a little bit stubborn I found a “solution” I did what it asked and created a template\template\picture…JPG
(but keeping in my description fields the “right” path : template\picture…JPG

and the export works …


Is there a more simple solution ? :slightly_smiling_face:

You can add the URI to use as the root in fromHTMLBodyString():
You can also provide a relative uri ‘…/asserts/’. The relative URI is better for portability (it you move you template for instance).
But it would be nice to support this kind of embedded images. I opened a ticket:

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I’ve checked the implementation available in the nightly build. Works great! Thanks.

Thank you for your feedback. The release of M2Doc 3.1.1 with this fix should be today or tomorrow.