M2DOC : Links to bookmarks with non-literal ids/reference text generate errors


• {m:link exchangedItem.name exchangedItem.name} Invalid link statement: Expression “” is invalid: null or empty string.Invalid link statement: Couldn’t find the ‘aqlFeatureAccess(EClassifier=EString,java.lang.String)’ service


If a literal reference text is used, such as {m:link exchangedItem.name ‘a reference to bookmark’}, a dangling link error appears in the generated document for some of the bookmarks.

How should bookmarks/links be used when both the id and the reference text is the same string originated in the model, e.g. a name of an exchange item as in the previous example ?

All tested in m2doc 3.0.0.
Br, M.

You can also create bookmarks and references using services:

I’m creating opening a bug to double check this with the current version of M2Doc:

This problem will be fixed in M2Doc Capella extensions 5.0.0.

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