M2Doc install and setup in Capella 5.0

Hello everyone,

I’ve followed the Capella M2Doc tutorial and downloaded m2doc zip file, but i haven’t understand the following steps like where should i extract it and what comes after!

p.s: i’m using windows 10

I guess you downloaded the update site from this page:

You can have a look at this video to install it.

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What about installation of M2Doc for the new release 5.1?

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Everything is ready for M2Doc extensions for Capella 5.1.0. But I just need to find a moment to do the release. I hope to be able to do it next week. Until the release you can have a look at the following nightly build:

It includes the next release of M2Doc 3.2.0 and adds services from the semantic browser, and a new interpreter view to write your AQL queries in the context of your template.

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Thanks Yvan for your inputs

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