M2DOC Hide Diagrams

I am generating documentation from a model with M2DOC. Some diagrams are meant for buiding purpose only and should not appear in documentation. I have set the property “Visible in documentation” to false, but the diagrams still appear in documentation.
What should I do ?
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Unfortunately, the property “Visible in documentation” is not yet support by M2Doc.
I have created a feature request for this point:
For now, what you can try is to put a key word in the name of the diagrams you don’t want to export (e.g. “[WORK]”) and to add a condition on the name of the diagram in your M2Doc template.
For this, you will need to use a nightly version of M2Doc (see this post for more information on how to get diagrams name with M2Doc:
You could then have something like this in your template:
PS: I’m not 100% sure of the syntax as I haven’t tested it on my side…

Thank you for your answer.
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