M2DOC - Entity scenario

Using the M2DOC features, I have some issues to generate the corresponding image from an Operational Entity Scenario with the sirius service “asImageByRepresentationDescriptionName”.
It works very well for others diagrams related to the Operational Analysis, but not for this one (no image generated or diagram found with the “isRepresentationDescriptionName”.
Since the category seems to be differents than others (Contextual operational Capability…), maybe it is the cause.
Here are the expressions used:
-for scenar | self.containedOperationalAnalysis.containedOperationalCapabi lityPkg.eContents(oa::OperationalCapability).eAllContents(in teraction::Scenario)
-scenar.asImageByRepresentationDescriptionName(‘Entity Scenario’)
Note: There is of course a scenario related to a Capability.
Thank you in advance.
Romain D.

Hello Romain,
Actually this diagram as a different name in Capella source files.
Thus, in order to get an Entity Scenario in M2Doc, you need to use :
asImageByRepresentationDescriptionName(‘Operational Interaction Scenario’)

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