M2Doc Diagram names

Hello everyone,
While trying to generate a M2Doc report, it is sometimes impossible to display the diagrams names :
For instance, the command
{m:for im | self.containedOperationalAnalysis.eAllContents().asImageByRepresentationDescriptionName(‘Operational Activity Breakdown’)}
will trigger an error : ‘Couldn’t find the ‘aqlFeatureAccess(org.obeonetwork.m2doc.element.MImage,java.lang.String)’ service’
Wheras the same command with a Logical Component Breakdown diagram works perfectly fine.
Any idea will be really appreciated :slight_smile:

You are trying to get the name of a MImage which has no name. Your need to get the representation itself:
{m:for representation | self.containedOperationalAnalysis.eAllContents().representationByDescriptionName(‘Operational Activity Breakdown’)}

Thank you Yvan, it worked fine.